Luhan in 2017

luhan chapter 27

Luhan’s been doing so well these days in China, and I can’t help but feel so happy for him! Seems like him and the other former members are having fun doing what they really want to do and they’re improving and branching out a lot in their own ways :). I still haven’t watched XXX, the movie that Kris is in (that I so desperately want to watch). Have you guys watched or seen any of these amazing boys anywhere? ^^

Kris & Luhan

I do hope they end up meeting together in public again, because the last time it happened, the whole world went crazy — including me. #HappyKrisHanDay

You know what? They should both just make a joint Youtube channel and post videos online. Oh wait. I mean, a….Youku account? LOL.

kris luhan